Emily Green jewellery is carefully handmade in Melbourne and the life expectancy of your product will depend on your careful treatment of it. To ensure the life of your piece you can:

-Clean your beads or earrings using a damp cloth, make-up removal wipes or a baby wipe. Be careful when cleaning your necklace not to get your chain or leather cord wet

-Be wary of clothing with non-colourfast dyes as the dye can rub off on the beads and stain them. For tough stains, use nail polish remover, but please beware this may remove some of the pigment from your beads. 

-As leather is a natural material it can degrade over time so try to avoid contact with make-up, perfume, oils and moisture

-Avoid tugging or pulling on your necklace and take care when removing the backs of earrings

-Clean silver chain or sterling silver earring hooks by gently wiping with a silver polishing cloth

-Store your jewels in a cool dry place

Replacement leather cords and chains can be purchased through our website